Commuter and Parking Fares

To/From New York City Port Authority

Departing From:10 Trip12 Trip20 Trip40 Trip44 Trip
Blakeslee, PA$210.00
Brodheadsville, PA$195.00$209.00$343.00$571.00$628.00$167.00
Effort, PA$195.00$209.00$343.00$571.00$628.00$167.00
Mt. Pocono, PA$210.00$222.00$366.00$598.00$658.00$177.00
Panther Valley, NJ$177.00$196.00$316.00$522.00$574.00$151.00
Scranton, PA$256.00$272.00$454.00$647.00$712.00$220.00
Snydersville, PA$195.00$209.00$343.00$571.00$628.00$167.00
Stroudsburg/ Delaware Water Gap, PA$195.00$209.00$343.00$571.00$628.00$167.00
Stroudsburg Park & Ride, PA
Tobyhanna, PA$211.00$222.00$371.00$485.00$533.00$124.00
Wilkes-Barre Terminal, PA$256.00$272.00$454.00$647.00$712.00$220.00
Departing From:Daily ParkingMonthly ParkingWeekly Parking
Blakeslee, PA
Brodheadsville, PA$5.00$30.00$17.00
Effort, PA$5.00$30.00$17.00
Mt. Pocono, PA$5.00$30.00$17.00
Panther Valley, NJ
Scranton, PA$9.00$40.00-
Snydersville, PA
Stroudsburg/ Delaware Water Gap, PA$5.00$30.00$17.00
Stroudsburg Park & Ride, PA
Tobyhanna, PA$5.00$30.00$17.00
Wilkes-Barre Terminal, PA

To/From Philadelphia

Departing From:10 TripDaily ParkingMonthly Parking
Scranton, PA$257.00$9.00$40.00
Wilkes-Barre Terminal, PA$257.00

To/From Scranton

Departing From:10 Trip40 Trip44 Trip
Wilkes-Barre Terminal, PA$60.00$159.00$175.00

Fare types:

  • Ten Trip: Good for 30 days (10 trips = 5 round trips)
  • Weekly: Good for 10 days (10 trips = 5 round trips)
  • 12 Trip: Good for 24 days (12 trips = 6 round trips)
  • Twenty Trip: Good for 21 days (20 trips = 10 round trips)
  • Forty Trip: Good for 40 days (40 trips = 20 round trips)
  • Forty Four Trip: Good for 40 days (44 trips = 22 round trips)

All tickets are good in either direction.

Commuter tickets are not to be shared, and are only valid when the receipt is attached to the book.
Click here for information on Tax Saving Benefits for Commuters.

Note: Parking costs are not included in any of the commuter ticket prices. Parking passes must be purchased separately, at the parking facility.