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Fireworks Notice

Passengers traveling with Martz Group are not permitted to bring on board any type of fireworks. It is prohibited and must be disposed of prior to boarding.
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How to Make Your Commute More Enjoyable

Taking the bus to work can make you happier!

Commuting can take up a large part of your day, but at Martz, we have some suggestions on how to make the best of it. Here are seven tips that will make your daily commute more enjoyable.
7 Tips for a Less Stressful Commute
1. Turn off Your […]

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8 Tips for Your Spring Break Bus Trip

Get to the bus early to find the perfect spot for the best views while you’re traveling.

Spring break is a great time to recharge from school or your job and escape to a different place. Take a vacation this spring and travel with Martz Group. Taking the bus with Martz is the best way […]

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Why Bus Travel is More Affordable

Reasons Why the Bus is More Cost-Effective

(Comfortable seats inside a bus.)
Traveling by bus is more in demand than ever. Each year, more people in the United States end up traveling by bus than flying. Ticket prices are one of the main reasons why consumers are choosing this mode of transportation. The cost of […]

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Take The Bus to The Annual Broad Street Run

It’s never too late to set a goal for the new year! Beginning February 1, sign-ups will begin for the 38th annual Philadelphia Broad Street Run, taking place on Sunday, May  7. The Broad Street Run is the largest 10 mile race in the country which passes throughout several neighborhoods in Philly beginning at […]

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How to Commute with Martz

(One (One of our Martz buses ready for commuters!)

Commuting in NY, NJ and PA with Martz Group
Commuting with Martz is easy! With over 59 departures daily from multiple locations and a variety of commuter ticket packages, we make your commute to New York City, Philadelphia or Scranton easier than ever. We strive to provide […]

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10 Travel Resolutions for the New Year

(Make it a resolution to pack light for your travels in 2017 – Image via Pexels)

While it’s easy to stray from your goals, try your best to keep those travel resolutions intact this year. Below are ten travel resolutions to follow in 2017!
Travel Tips for 2017
1. Buy Tickets Early
Don’t procrastinate and buy your tickets […]

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Perfect Gifts for Your Traveler

Image via Pexels

If there is someone special to you who travels a lot, whether it is for business or pleasure, it can be difficult to find the best gift for them. Keep reading for a list of unorthodox gifts and necessities for the traveler in your life.
Presents Your Traveler Will Love
Obviously, as you travel, […]

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5 Reasons Why Bus Is The Way To Travel

Image via Pexels
Advantages of Bus Travel
Buses are the best way to travel for many reasons. For instance, bus travel provides many more amenities than plane travel (not to mention more elbow room), and they are better for the environment than cars. Here are five more really good reasons why you should use the bus.
Buses […]

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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

To our loyal customers:

In light of guidance from the federal government that individuals leaving the New York City Metro Area should self-quarantine for 14 days to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus, and out of an abundance of caution, Martz will discontinue scheduled service into New York City and Philadelphia for two weeks.

To allow our customers working in essential, life-sustaining businesses time to find alternative travel to work, we will operate through the end of this week. Our last day of service will be Friday, March 27, with a targeted return date of Monday, April 13.

We apologize to our loyal customers who must find alternative means of travel to work during this time. We recognize that many of you are essential employees in life-sustaining businesses and simply cannot work from home. We can assure you that Martz will be here to support our dedicated and valued customers moving forward from this crisis.

Please refer to our website,, for further updates.